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Antalya is a city located on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. It is a popular destination for tourists, with a number of beach resorts and historical landmarks. If you are looking for a villa for rent in Antalya, there are many options available to suit your budget and preferences. Some factors to consider when looking for a villa for rent in Antalya may include the location, size, price, and any additional amenities or features that you are interested in. You can also consider the distance from local attractions and amenities, such as beaches, restaurants, and shopping centers.

A villa for rent is a type of residential property that is typically a large, standalone house, often located in a suburban or rural area. Villas for rent may be furnished or unfurnished, and may include amenities such as a pool, garden, or outdoor space. They are often rented on a short-term or vacation rental basis, but may also be available for long-term rental.

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