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volkswagen polo car rental antalyaVolkswagen Polo

4 Seats - 2 Bags


hyundai i20 car hire antalyaHyundai i20

4 Seats - 2 Bags


skoda octavia car hire antalyaSkoda Octavia

5 Seats - 4 Bags


luxury car rent hire antalyaAudi A3

5 Seats - 4 Bags


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Antalya, the jewel of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, is a stunning destination known for its turquoise waters, ancient ruins and vibrant culture. To really explore all that this fascinating region has to offer, rent car Antalya is a great option. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about car hire in Antalya, from choosing the right rental service to tips on driving in Turkey.

Why Hire a Car in Antalya?

  1. Freedom and Flexibility: A car gives you the freedom to explore off-the-beaten-path locations at your own pace. Discover hidden beaches, quaint villages, and ancient ruins without being tied to public transport schedules.
  2. Cost-Effective: For families or groups, hiring a car can be more economical compared to the cost of multiple public transport tickets or private tours.
  3. Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of door-to-door travel, particularly if you’re staying in remote areas or planning to visit multiple attractions in a day.

Choosing the Right Car Rental Service

  1. International vs. Local Companies: International companies like Hertz, Avis, and Europcar have a presence in Antalya and offer reliable services with a wide range of vehicles. Local companies, on the other hand, may offer more competitive prices and personalized service but check reviews and ratings beforehand.
  2. Compare Prices: Use comparison websites like Kayak, Skyscanner, or to find the best deals. Booking in advance can also save you money, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  3. Insurance Options: Ensure you understand the insurance coverage. Basic insurance is usually included, but consider adding collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection for peace of mind.

Essential Tips for Hiring a Car in Antalya

  1. Driving License: An international driving permit (IDP) is recommended, though some rental companies may accept your domestic license if it’s in English or accompanied by an official translation.
  2. Age Requirements: Most car rental companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old. Drivers under 25 may incur a young driver surcharge.
  3. Credit Card: A credit card is typically required for the security deposit. Ensure you have sufficient credit limit available.
  4. Fuel Policy: Familiarize yourself with the fuel policy (full-to-full is the most common and recommended). Check if there’s a nearby petrol station to refill before returning the car.
  5. Additional Drivers: If more than one person will be driving, make sure to register additional drivers with the rental company. There may be an extra fee.

Driving in Antalya

  1. Road Conditions: Antalya’s main roads and highways are generally in good condition, but some rural or mountainous roads can be narrow and winding. Drive cautiously, especially in unfamiliar areas.
  2. Traffic Rules: Drive on the right-hand side of the road. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers. Speed limits are 50 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on open roads, and 120 km/h on highways.
  3. Parking: Parking can be challenging in the city center. Look for designated parking lots or garages. In smaller towns and rural areas, parking is usually easier and often free.
  4. Navigation: GPS or a reliable map app is essential. Make sure your rental car has a working charger for your phone or GPS device.
  5. Local Driving Etiquette: Turkish drivers can be assertive. Stay calm and patient, use your horn sparingly, and be prepared for unexpected stops or maneuvers by other drivers.

Top Destinations to Explore by Car

  1. Kaleiçi (Old Town): Wander through the narrow, cobbled streets of Antalya’s historic district. Visit the ancient Hadrian’s Gate, the charming Yivli Minaret Mosque, and the bustling marina.
  2. Düden Waterfalls: A short drive from Antalya, these stunning waterfalls are a perfect spot for a picnic and some nature photography.
  3. Termessos: About an hour’s drive from Antalya, this ancient city in the Taurus Mountains offers spectacular ruins and panoramic views.
  4. Perge: Located 17 km east of Antalya, this ancient city is renowned for its impressive Roman architecture, including a well-preserved stadium and theater.
  5. Olympos and Chimaera: Drive to the ancient city of Olympos to explore its ruins and beautiful beach. Nearby, the eternal flames of Chimaera are a unique natural phenomenon worth seeing.
Rent a car and explore Antalya freely!
Rent a car and explore Antalya freely!

Discover the City with Rent Car Antalya!

Hiring a car in Antalya is an excellent way to enhance your travel experience, giving you the freedom and flexibility to explore this beautiful region at your own pace. By choosing the right rental service, understanding local driving rules, and planning your trips, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy all that Antalya and its surroundings have to offer. Happy travels!

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