Places to visit in Antalya

Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean, is home to many historical and touristic locations. We have compiled the unique places you can visit in Antalya for you.

Kaleiçi (Oldtown)

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Kaleiçi is the historic city center of Antalya, Turkey. Until modern times, almost the entire city was confined within its walls. It has structures dating from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and modern Turkish republican eras. Most of it however, dates to the late 18th and 19th centuries. While some of the traditional Turkish homes are occupied by residents, many have been converted into boutique hotels, restaurants and shops selling handicrafts and other folkloric arts. The area has been undergoing to an extensive restoration by the municipality of Antalya.

The Kaleiçi area is located in the centre-eastern portion of the city along the mediterranean coast fronted by the yacht harbour that dates to the Roman era.

The name Kaleiçi means “Inside the Kale” or “Inner Kale” (Kale itself means castle or fortress).


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Side is a city on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It includes the modern resort town and the ruins of the ancient city of Side, one of the best-known classical sites in the country. It lies near Manavgat and the village of Selimiye, 78 km from Antalya in the province of Antalya.

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Monuments and Side
The great ruins are among the most notable in Asia Minor. They cover a large promontory which a wall and a moat separate from the mainland. Archaeologists have been excavating Side since 1947 and intermittently continue to do so.
The colossal theatre complex of the 2nd century is less well-preserved that of Aspendos, but it is almost as large, seating 15,000–20,000 people. It was converted into an open-air sanctuary with two chapels during Byzantine times (5th or 6th century).
The well-preserved city walls provide an entrance to the site through the Hellenistic main gate (Megale Pyle) from the 2nd century BC.

antalya city side

The colonnaded street had marble columns whose remains can be seen near the Roman baths, restored as a museum displaying statues and sarcophagi from the Roman period. The agora includes the remains of the round Tyche and Fortuna temple (2nd century BC), peripteral with twelve columns, in the centre. In later times it was used as a trading centre where pirates sold slaves.
The early Roman Temple of Dionysus is near the theatre. The fountain gracing the entrance is restored. At the left side is a Byzantine Basilica.
Other buildings include three temples and a nymphaeum, a grotto or fountain building of elaborate design.


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The town of Kaş is on a hill running down to the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey. The district has a typical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, which allows the growth of oranges, lemons and bananas. The lowland areas are also planted with cut flowers and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Many are grown all year round under glass. The hillsides produce honey and almonds, while at high altitudes there are extensive pine forests. The weather is drier at high altitudes. Although agriculture is still important, tourism is the main source of income in the district, which has many hotels and guest houses. Kaş is located 200 km from Antalya city centre.

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The town of Kaş has a Hellenistic theatre and many other places of historical interest, as well as beaches, and a number of caves, some of them underwater.
For scuba divers there are several spots underwater, one of them being an underwater sculpture of a shark sculpted by Kemal Tufan and another being a submerged Douglas DC-3 plane.
The mountains behind the coast have places for trekking, climbing and canyoning.
The ruins of the antique cities of Komba (in the village of Gömbe), Nisa, Kandyba, Phellos, Istlada, Apollonia, Isinda and Kyaenai.
A common excursion from Kaş is Kekova island in the neighbouring district of Demre. Here in the bays there are a number of wrecks of ancient ships and ancient cities sunk under the sea by earthquakes over the centuries. The sea is so clear that the details of city buildings such as staircases or columns can be seen from the boat.[citation needed] The area is also used for sea kayaking. In December 2006, Kaş was added to the specially protected Kekova marine area in order to preserve its rich biodiversity.

Land of Legends

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The Land of Legends is one of the largest theme parks in the world, located in Antalya. The hotel consists of a shopping mall and a theme park.

The Land of Legends is affiliated with Rixos Hotels and was established in Antalya in 2016. Built on a land of more than 620,000 m2, the park includes Shopping Avenue, Kingdom Hotel and Theme Park sections. In 2017, it was deemed worthy of World Travel Awards –Europe’s Best Theme Park and World Waterpark Association – Leading Edge awards.

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The ancient city of Olympos is a Lycian settlement located 10 km north of Tahtalı Mountain in Kumluca District to the west of Antalya. 85.7 km from Antalya. away, it is a holiday neighborhood that is protected as a protected area because it is the breeding area of Caretta Caretta turtles, and is generally preferred by university students and backpackers. Tree houses, open areas that can be used as tents, and being on the Lycian Way are important features. It is located within the borders of Olympos Beydağları National Park.
When accommodation can be made in bungalow houses surrounded by orange trees, pomegranate trees and pear trees, it is multi-business in styles such as the last. There are facilities that offer tented accommodation facilities for camping near the beach.

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