Antalya House Prices

House prices in Antalya, the most beautiful city of the Mediterranean, are increasing day by day. If you want to buy a house in Antalya, we have listed regional prices in Antalya for you. Antalya, which has a hot and humid summer and a mild winter climate, is a city visited by the most tourists in Turkey. Many people visit this place due to its geographical beauty and historical importance. Admiration during travel encourages people to invest in this beautiful city.

Lara and Konyaaltı are among the most popular districts of Antalya. These two districts are located in the center of Antalya. Lara is a place of Muratpaşa district. While all of Konyaaltı is at the seaside, some of Lara is on the cliffs and some of it is a beach area.

District Minimum Sale Maximum Sale
Lara $48.000 $3.300.000
Konyaaltı $55.000 $3.000.000
Kepez $33.000 $390.000
Muratpaşa $25.000 $3.300.000
Kemer $65.000 $2.100.000
Fener, Lara $94.000 $2.400.000
Güzeloba, Lara $48.000 $2.100.000
Liman, Konyaaltı $90.000 $2.100.000
Hurma, Konyaaltı $87.000 $1.100.000

Our for sale house prices in Antalya are constantly updated. The prices in our article are based on different real estate advertisement sites. Prices may change.

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