Property Prices for Rent in Antalya, Turkey

The increase in tourism data continues in Antalya, which is described as the “capital of tourism” in terms of the number of tourists it hosts. According to the data received from the Antalya Governorship Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate, the number of tourists visiting the city by air in the first three months of 2022 increased by 93% compared to the same period of 2021.

We have listed the house prices for you in Antalya. We have been one of the most reputable real estate companies in Antalya since 2015. You can definitely find a house for every budget in Antalya. Contact us now and let us find the house that fits your budget for you.

District Minimum Rent Maximum Rent
Lara $305 $5000
Konyaaltı $300 $4500
Kepez $135 $2400
Muratpaşa $150 $3000
Kemer $210 $10.000
Fener, Lara $195 $3600
Güzeloba, Lara $270 $5170
Liman, Konyaaltı $270 $3650
Hurma, Konyaaltı $330 $2130

Our for rent house prices in Antalya are constantly updated. The prices in our article are based on different real estate advertisement sites. Prices may change.

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