Harmony in Modern Home Decoration

The modern house looks simple, clean, sophisticated, tidy. And in recent years, it is a style that everyone wants to switch to because of its ease of use. With this style, where simplicity comes to the fore, people spend more time at home for themselves. If your house is not simple and plain with modern lines, in this article we will give information about what you need to do for your house that you want to transform into a modern style.

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Some of the most common features in modern home decoration examples are;

  • Open plan, American kitchen, where living area and kitchen are combined
  • Simple, plain and functional items,
  • Having clear lines
  • Using neutral and pastel tones
  • Corner and modern armchairs and furniture
  • Low and bed furniture that is not extravagant
  • Keeping more natural light, less use of curtains
  • Materials such as solid wood, unpainted wood, leather, metal
  • Artworks, drawing tables
  • Walk-in closet and hidden storage areas

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How to Decorate a Modern Home?

If you want to make your home look stylish and modern, you should take a look at home decoration suggestions in this style. Even making the right connection between the colors you will combine on the sofa cushions and the living room wall will allow you to create a more modern atmosphere in your living room. A light-colored painting that you hang on a dark-colored wall will change the atmosphere of the living room. You can find all the products second hand while changing the home decoration. You can easily find all products that will change the atmosphere of your home, such as second-hand throw pillows, second-hand furniture, second-hand dressers. If you have used the wall color of your living room in favor of a dark color, creating a contrast with large and light colored paintings will provide a modern look.

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If you want to create a serene atmosphere in your living room, you should hang paintings that will emphasize the harmony of soft and light colors.

Or, you can provide a modern and simple look by completing the empty walls in your living room with a stylish bookcase. Such bookshelves would be very nice.

If your home is small and you want it to look bigger, decorative wall mirrors are fo r you. You can make your living space look wider by using such mirrors! Since mirrors reflect light, they will allow daylight to enter your home more, so your home will appear both bright and wider. Decorative mirrors are mostly preferred in small houses and houses where daylight does not penetrate much. You can easily find the style you are looking for among the second-hand mirrors that will complement the modern decoration of the house in different styles.

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A Modern Entrance

Hallways are one of the most important areas that show the atmosphere and character of the house when you enter a house. While designing the decoration of this area, it is possible to design modern entrances without compromising the rules of harmony. You can have a modern doorway by using clean and sharp lines and simple colors together. In modern halls, you can get help from furniture and accessories that include colored glass, metal and wood. To create a more spacious area by avoiding products that will prevent the wall and coat rack from making this area appear larger. You can choose the coat rack as a built-in, and you can use the wall and floor colors for light colors. You can use a stylish bench according to the width of the entrance. It will be more accurate to choose from the pieces that have more functions while decorating the training. For example, you can have a dresser that will tidy up and stylish baskets that you can use for storage. You can choose these products from wood because wood has a relaxing and simple aspect.
When decorating a modern home, choose straight-lined, uncomplicated furniture that combines different textures. Avoid using too many accessories in the living room. Accessories should be few but meaningful. Avoid complex and eye-catching objects such as overly decorated stones and sequins. Make sure that your home textile choices are also in one color. If you don’t like solid colors and want to be a little lively, you can use geometric patterns. Instead of using too much furniture, choose functional furniture that has more than one task. For example, the fact that the center table has drawers and can be opened in height eliminates clutter, but you do not need to put an extra dining table, so you do not fill the living room with furniture. In the same way, you can choose your TV unit from units that have both storage solutions and look very stylish visually.

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Suggestions for Modern Home Decoration

If you are renovating your house or moving to a new house, you can choose the modern style for long-term use. You can create a timeless and comfortable decoration with few items and simplicity. If your old furniture takes up a lot of space and you are tired of your multi-colored home, modern home decoration is just for you. However, if your economic side is not suitable for changing the furniture, then it is possible to do this by replacing the sofa covers with plain sofa covers, eliminating the excess accessories and changing the color of your home with a neutral light color wall paint. With such small touches, you can have a more useful living room. Expressions such as plain, simple and stylish are always used when decorating a modern home, but it is very important to establish the balance between them. If it is too simple, you will always feel like something is missing in your home. Therefore, the first element in modern home decoration is to establish the right balance.

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So Let’s Give Some Tips About Balance!

Determine what’s trendy or your favorite color! This color will be the base color in your home. You can choose large pieces from this color in the area to be decorated, so you can use them in small and modern accessories in a color that matches your main color. For example, if the seats are light in color, you can complement them with pillows that are compatible with this color but in darker tones. For example, rust-colored throw pillows on cream-colored sofas.

Undoubtedly, curtains are one of the indispensable and first eye-catching items of our home. Curtains in a modern house are usually one color and few. Thus, more sunlight enters. If you don’t want a single color, you can still choose geometric shaped curtains. For example, copper and steel blue are colors that are very different from each other but look good when they are together.

One of the complementary things to consider in modern homes is chandeliers. Choosing metal and plain chandeliers has become indispensable for modern homes. Wallpapers of different sizes and patterns are also used in modern homes. Although this varies depending on the size and general characteristic atmosphere of your house, it is generally used on a part of the wall of the living room, not on all walls. In this way, you can add a lively atmosphere. When it comes to flooring in modern home decoration, wooden flooring, which has been used for many years and is indispensable, appears again. In addition to wooden floors, you can also choose from new model glossy tiles, which are quite large in size. These bright tiles can also be called marble and granite, and in recent years they have also been used for home flooring in new buildings. These floorings, which are preferred more open, will add a very pleasant atmosphere to your home with a color that is compatible with the wall color if you wish.

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In a house with modern decoration, the dining room part again represents simplicity and calmness. You can complete the upper ceiling of the dining area, which you will prepare with a marble-looking dining table and metal chairs, of which you will decide the size according to your guests, with metal pendants. You will complete the decoration of your dining room area with a beautiful painting that you will position on the side of the dining table. You can choose the fixtures of the dining room, the dining table and chairs, as second-hand.

You will have created a modern home decoration when you continue the simplicity, elegance and harmony in all areas of the house, which are considered in the decoration of areas such as living room, hallway and dining room in modern home decoration.

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