How to Make Color Harmony in Home Decoration?

In home decoration, things do not always go the way we want. Even though we envy beautiful, spacious houses inside, we can feel that it is too late. But a new home can be a new beginning. You can design your house in Turkey without the need for an interior designer!

With a few little information, you can set the color balance in your decoration. In order to design any part of your home such as living room, bedroom, dining room, living room, study room, kitchen, you just need to know the color harmony; It will also open the door to a perfect decoration. Come to the decoration, let’s start with the color harmony so that you can create combinations that will impress your guests. Let’s examine what is color harmony, how you can catch it at home and all the tricks that will work for you.

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Proportional Distribution of Colors: Reflect Your Taste

You can find the color harmony between the color harmony of the furniture in the room and the background and the tulle curtain that you will use in the room, and the role of the accessories in this harmony by trying many methods. Among these methods, the color balance method, which is called the 60/30/10 formula, is the most applied by the designers. When applying the color balance formula, you need to use the color wheel to determine the three colors you want to be in the room, two of them close to each other and the other as the opposite color. You can achieve color harmony by using yellow objects in the room along with black and gray objects. You can use these colors as an accent color in the wall color, the darker black in large-sized furniture such as sofa sets, TV units, dining room sets, and the contrasting yellow in accessories that take up less space in the room. . With this gray color harmony, which is the most used in the 60/30/10 formula, you can achieve this effect by using not only yellow but also red, light blue, pistachio green colors.

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Use the Harmony of Different Textures and Colors

As in nature, you can provide a perfect look by using dark colors on the floor, intermediate tones of colors in the furniture, and brighter and lighter colors on the ceiling. If you design the color scale in your home from dark to light vertically, you can achieve a successful color harmony. In addition, you can maintain harmony by including different textures such as natural stone patterns in the decoration. If you use contrasting colors such as green and red, yellow and purple, and blue and orange together on a light background, you can create a balanced, eye-catching combination. You can create a calm and relaxing space.

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Rely on Classic Color Matching

Undoubtedly, the most common home decorations; classic color match! Relying on the familiar wooden textures and the harmony of pastel colors, you can use them in your own home decoration and feel the confidence of classicism at home.

Discover Soft Color Matching

You can create soft decors by combining vibrant and bright colors as well as soft tones while making harmonic color harmony. You can have an extremely calm and relaxing effect with soft color harmony, especially in environments such as bedrooms and children’s rooms, which you use as a resting area. You can reflect the vintage or avant-garde style.

How to Make Color Harmony in Home Decoration turkey homes

Break Your Taboos With Border And Contour Colors

If you do not want to use dark colors on the floor, you can apply a dark and contrasting contour with a light background, and in border (fill) colors, you can use one or two shades lighter than the contour color. If the floor has dark colors, you can use light colors that will create contrast as a contour, and you can use dark tones of the contour color for the border.

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